Shipping your stringed instruments for Repairs

How to get your instrument to Anton’s to get maintenance and repairs?  In the great western U.S. sometimes getting your guitar, violin, etc . . . to a repairman can be a daunting task.  It easily can cost as much or more as the cost of repairs.  What to do?

Surprisingly there have been many different delivery methods to Anton’s.  Besides just hopping into your vehicle and driving it yourself or dropping it in a box, in Wyoming we get creative.

I live an hour from Yellowstone National Park and many plan a short vacation around coming to the shop.  Some customers know family and friends with students at the University of Wyoming or Northwest College and they have the students deliver instruments for repair.

Other musicians let their friends know, “Hey, I am headed to Anton’s” so they bring several when they come.

Putting your instrument into a box and shipping it makes most people cringe.  Shipping through the major carriers like USPS, FED EX and UPS is fairly safe and reliable to get the boxes delivered unharmed.

Remember your instrument started its journey from the factory in a box probably in a truck or cargo container to the music store before you walked in and said, “Wow”  I want to buy that.”  The online companies have been shipping guitars for years.

Damage from shipping is lower on the problem list especially if it’s in a hard shell case and then a box.  Though the cost seems high, when you figure fuel and time it really isn’t that bad.  I do get aggravated though when I hear the cost.

One customer had a lockable case and locked it and sent it Priority Mail no problem; though not sure I endorse this method.

So these are a few ideas on getting your instrument in to get it repaired.  If you need to get something in, give me a call.  We can discuss the best way.   And yes, if you are flying,  I’ll meet you at the airport.

Till the music fades,



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